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Nanyang University of Technology scientific research results

The world first
Artificial Intelligence Super Application

Spiral multi-link cross-bridge neural network (NDP-AI)

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Four cutting -edge artificial intelligence laboratory

Ascend the peak
Going to the peak of human wisdom

So far, the best artificial intelligence algorithm in the world

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Uninstrogen Artificial Intelligence Patent

The peak of human wisdom

dada ™ artificial intelligence

Answer ™ Artificial Intelligence is based on the research and development of NDP-AI technology of Nanyang University of Technology artificial intelligence research achievements. It is committed to creating a world first artificial intelligence super application and bringing personalized artificial intelligence to everyone.

  • Answer -the world most advanced artificial intelligence algorithm
  • Answer -the world largest Chinese knowledge system
  • Investment institutions: nine state capital fund (Singapore) huan (Hong Kong)

  • Academic Research: Nanyang University of Technology (Singapore)

  • Issuing Products: Singapore Pilot Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

Unique Technology

Spiral multi-link cross-bridge neural network (NDP-AI)

jump -style creativity

NDP-AI technology, with unprecedented creative algorithms of artificial intelligence, can produce up to 10,000 cross-domain creativity to the same thing.

intelligent learning ability

NDP-AI technology allows linked Internet intelligent learning on the basis of security restrictions.

High EQ Compassion

NDP-AI allows the machine to have empathy, can understand more than 180 emotions and make corresponding feedback.

Interdisciplinary understanding

NDP-AI technology has a strong interdisciplinary ability, such as "sunflower", which can also understand the meaning of biology, psychology, chemistry, literature, and art contained in sunflowers at the same time. And give the corresponding feedback.

Answer artificial intelligence

Our main service

Questions and answer
To ask your question, you can solve your problem by answering.
Picture recognition
Face recognition, portrait recognition, identity recognition, etc.
Digital man
Provide real -life separation, based on answering digital people digital people communication and service
Smart Translation
is proficient in more than 10 mainstream languages ​​in the world and easily solve language barriers.
Video creation
Use to answer artificial intelligence, create short videos, scripts, etc.
Painting creation
Use the creative map of artificial intelligence painting
DaDa ™ answer

Artificial intelligence ecosystem

DaDa will be created as an artificial intelligence ecosystem with artificial intelligence technology as its core and game, social, media, blockchain and payment as a key branch.

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Core tokens

token name:DaDa

DaDa answers artificial intelligence. It is expected that in the next 3 years, the value-added rate of assets will reach 1,000-5,000 times, and the market value will reach trillion US dollars.

  • 500 10,000

    Issuing total amount

  • 25 10,000

    starting quantity

  • 3 US dollar

    Issuing price

Core advantage

technical lead/irreplaceable/sustainable development

Dada answers artificial intelligence. It has the world most advanced artificial intelligence technology so far. Its algorithm and smart level will be an epoch -making existence.


main laboratory

Bring a personalized artificial intelligence for everyone.

text laboratory

Big language model, use artificial intelligence to provide you with questions, decisions, and suggestions.

Acoustics Laboratory

Smart Scholarship model, proficient in smart dialogue products in various languages ​​around the world.

Visual Laboratory

Intelligent painting, through artificial intelligence to produce pictures, videos and design effects.

Digital man laboratory

The digital avatars and virtual avatars of real human beings realize multiple existence of one person.


Singapore No. 50 Nanyang Avenue 1750 project team (NDP-AI) laboratory